When a cartoonist lampoons the newly arrived Duke of Gowan, Laird Colin MacGowan, and the young Dowager Duchess of Wynd, Lady Elise, aka the Ice Goddess, Colin is furious. Elise appears unperturbed by the drawing but hostile toward Colin. He has no way of knowing how deep her hatred toward his family runs.

Then they are thrown together at a house party where Colin protects Elise from murder charges by claiming they are married. Emotional and physical intimacy are difficult for Elise after the horrors of her first marriage, but Colin's gentleness and sensuality win her heart. It isn't until she's abducted by his rival, however, that Elise understands the full extent of their love.

What begins on a high note, with a strong, empowered heroine and a magnetic hero, slows in pace. As Elise falls deeper in love, she becomes a weak woman who needs a man. This is a shame, since Ivie writes well-defined characters and a strong plot that needs a heroine with a consistently strong will. SENSUAL (384 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin