Quinn Yarbough always hauls in his man. Now, hes got to locate Erin Wentworth and bring her back to her dead husbands family in New York. But that is before Quinn discovers his quarry is pregnant.

After her husbands death Erin fled west, away from her suspicious, smothering in-laws who want her for her child. In Colorado she finds an inner courage and strength and the chance for a new life.

Quinns arrival changes everything. This gentle, tender compassionate man, posing as a traveling miner, is there to help her when her son is bornand remains by her side through the pain that follows.

Erin and Quinn begin to bond, forging a strong and passionate union that only gets stronger when Erin is accused of murder and the Wentworths arrive forcing a custody battle over a baby they believe to be their grandchild.

Tender is the word for THE TENDER STRANGER. Carolyn Davidson has penned a touching and sensitive western romance that tempers the harsh realities with the softness of love and caring that comes from a loving relationship. This feel-good read is perfect for an evenings enjoyment. SENSUAL (Apr., 300 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin