When Kaitlin Barrett's grandfather bequeaths her his farm in the Cumberland Gap, it is a dream come true. With her mother dead, Kaitlin sets out to begin a new life. It is in the Gap that Kaitlin meets the colorful cast of characters who adorn the pages of TENNESSEE MOON.

Kaitlin encounters Nate Streeter and his step-brother Matt Ingram. Nate is a lady's man and a wastrel out to win Kaitlin and her farm. Matt keeps to himself while trying to right Nate's wrongs.

Nate proposes and Kaitlin accepts, but in the dark of night it is Matt, not Nate, who makes love to her and brings her a passion she has never known. Matt fears that Nate will hurt Kaitlin, as he has done to other women. A twist of fate leads Kaitlin to marry Matt and uncover the truth behind his deception.

While this romance is filled with interesting, likable characters and many subplots, the premise leaves readers wondering why Matt does not tell Kaitlin the truth before they marry. Passions run high and hot and true love is realized and while Matt's motives are explained, they don't ring true. Yet the richness of the folkways in the hills of Tennessee and the love that grows from friendship makes this a very good read. SENSUAL (Nov., 400 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Evelyn Feiner