Image of The Tenth Circle (The Blaine McCracken Novels)


Image of The Tenth Circle (The Blaine McCracken Novels)

Land remains one of the best action writers in the business, and he brings back fan favorite Blaine McCracken for another thriller that hits close to home. The crisp writing and snappy dialogue are the glue that hold the exciting plot together. Land also embraces the over-the-top aspects of the story, and the end result is a fun romp that will have readers clamoring for McCracken’s earlier adventures.

Blaine McCracken and his sidekick, Johnny Wareagle, have their hands full with trying to stop a terrorist act that could devastate the U.S. Their adversary uses rhetoric to ignite his followers to do his terrible bidding. But someone is pulling his strings, and McCracken will have to fight both the obvious and the hidden enemies if he’s going to save the day. (OPEN ROAD, Dec., 536 pp., $16.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jeff Ayers