Image of Terminal City


Image of Terminal City

Fairstein’s novels combine a Law & Order: Special Victims Unit crime with a piece of New York City history. Terminal City is her best book yet with a look at Grand Central Terminal alongside a baffling murder. Alex Cooper and her colleagues have never been more compelling characters, but what makes this novel work so well is the illuminating look behind the architecture of both the justice system and the train station.

Assistant DA Alexandra Cooper gets a call to a swanky hotel near Grand Central, and she and her colleagues are surprised to find a signature mark on the victim’s body. When a murdered homeless man has the same mark, Cooper and the police realize the deaths are just beginning. The clues lead to an underground city beneath Grand Central and the large population of people who call the tunnels home. (DUTTON, Jun., 384 pp., $27.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jeff Ayers