Image of Terminated: A Revivalist Novel


Image of Terminated: A Revivalist Novel

The third and final novel in the Revivalist series, Terminated picks up where its predecessor left off and rounds out the series with an action-packed finale. It’s not recommended as a starting point for new readers, but those who have followed the story thus far will absolutely want to pick this one up. Final questions are answered and new layers of depth are added to the characters. Further, the ending is surprising yet wholly satisfying.

After evil pharmaceutical investors the Fountain Group upgraded back-from-the-dead Bryn Davis’ healing nanobots against her will, she no longer needs booster shots of the drug Returné to keep from decomposing. But the upgraded bots have the added effect of turning the host into a cannibalistic monster and the ability to infect other Returné users. Knowing that this could spell disaster in the long run, Bryn and her friends embark on a mission to stop the Fountain Group. But the government-backed organization is dangerous and powerful — especially with Jane, the sociopathic (and likewise upgraded) ex-wife of Bryn’s boyfriend, on their tail. (ROC, Aug., 320 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Leah Hanson