Her father's will states that Cassandra Clayton must marry and have a child or she will lose her Colorado freighting empire. Cassie can curse, drive a mule train and use a whip, but can she find a husband in time?

Cassie decides a husband who is a wanted man would not want to control her business. Steve Loring is perfect. Unjustly imprisoned for murder, Steve chooses marriage over hanging-better wed then dead. But the arrogant man isn't thrilled at becoming Cassie's stud and devises his own scheme to trap her.

Steve's sensual game has Cassie longing for his touch. But Steve wants more: Cassie's love and loyalty. Cassie desires pleasure, passion and Steve's devotion-and nothing will stop her from getting it (in one of the hottest love scenes to come along).

As Steve and Cassie build a tentative peace, their enemies conspire against them. Believing that Cassie betrayed him to the law, Steve vows revenge. The loss of Steve's love and the death of her child plunge Cassie into depression. Only by clearing his name and returning to Cassie can Steve ever hope to heal the wounds of the past and build a bright new future on his own terms.

As powerful as any Henke novel, the sensual, titillating TERMS OF LOVE displays her ability to tell a riveting love story brimming over with intense emotions and action. SPICY (Reissue, March., 448 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin