Brooks James had gone to New Mexico Territory to learn to be a cowboy, not to be attracted to the rough and tumble tomboy Marisa Missy OBannion. Wary of love, he stays clear of Missy until she decides to return to New York with him.

Though Missy fights her attraction to Brooks, she goes to New York and faces the challenge of learning to be the lady Brooks could love.

Though his treacherous ex-fianci tries to destroy their relationship, Brooks and Missy plan to wed. Then Missy is injured in a riding accident and fears she will never walk again. Unwilling to ruin Brooks life, she breaks their engagement.

Brooks love is too strong to accept defeat and he follows her. Working against terrible odds brings them closer than ever and together they are strong enough to fight fate and win.

Through this novel, Linda Castle brings attention to spinal cord injuries and the possibility of hope that will bring a fuller understanding of the situation to many readers. She should be applauded for creating a beautiful love story and a powerful tale of inspiration. SENSUAL. (Dec., 300 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin