An interesting novella full of action, magic and a love that conquers evil. The characters are intriguing, and the supernatural lore is fascinating.

Weary of his gung-ho special ops team, Joe Winfeather is thinking of getting out. His last mission left him with a strange object — a tiny parrot fetish. Returning to the reservation where he was raised, and to his former job as security guard for the Chippewa Chances casino, he meets up with Lena Bittersweet again. She is a teacher and a Mide, a spiritual leader who senses and understands things others do not. When she sees the fetish, she also sees the evil that Joe has brought home with him. To banish this evil, he must return to the jungle where he was given the talisman. Lena will accompany him, against his wishes. (REDROSEPUBLISHING.COM, dl $1.99)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley