Except for Molly Thorpe, his friend, neighbor and former great aunt-in-law, Keefe Walker figures he has seen the last of the Wyndham family. Following his divorce from Dana, all contact ceased until the day Tessa Wyndham Mallory, his former sister-in-law, shows up on his doorstep. Keefe knows something odd is up the moment he sees Tessa. Heavily pregnant, she has a lost, haunted look in her eyes.

Newly widowed and desperate, Tessa has few places to turn. Molly suggests that Keefe might allow Tessa to hide out from the press at his ranch, and to Tessa's surprise he does. Keefe and his partner Jace Reno open their home to the fragile young woman. Having seen the signs before, Jace is quick to realize that Tessa was an abused spouse. But if her husband is dead, why is she still afraid?

Keefe has always liked young Tessa and now that she is grown, he finds that friendship could easily turn into something more. Marriage to Keefe would provide support for Tessa and her child. Their pasts will have to be laid to rest however, if they are to clear a path to the future.

TESSA'S CHILD continues the saga of best-selling author Dallas Schulze's beloved Walker family. Moving and tender, it will touch your heart. (Apr., 304 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith