Anne and Jared Bennett's prayers are answered with the birth of their daughter, Faith. Anne's diabetes prevented pregnancy, even endangered it. But all is well—until the strong-willed infant grows into a strong-willed child, then a rebellious teenager.

Anne struggles to be the mother she always intended, but roots of bitterness entangle her emotions when life with her daughter doesn't turn out the way she planned. Faith's need to be popular leads her into treacherous friendships and away from her childhood trust in God and her loving home. The storms of life prove time and again that the Bennett's only anchor is found in a faithful God.

With veteran pen strokes, Ball touches high notes of joy and depths of sorrow in this emotional wrencher. Have a hanky handy and a chunk of time for uninterrupted reading. (Sep., 350 pp., $12.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill Elizabeth Nelson