Lord Dominic Elliot can't be distracted as he investigates The Cat, a person responsible for abducting young women of the ton. But a distraction is what Dominic gets when his mama, the Dower Marchioness of Granville, decides to sponsor Miss Fleur Toogood for the season, with Dominic as her escort.

The daughter of a minister, Fleur is a redheaded beauty with a tendency to say whatever is on her mind. Though she will do her duty to find a suitable husband among the men Dominic introduces her to, he interests her the most.

But Fleur becomes a problem for Dominic as he tries to understand his feelings for her. And when she inadvertently discovers his involvement in the hunt for The Cat, he has to protect her from the danger she puts herself in.

Cameron blends sensuality, mystery, danger and some funny moments in this satisfying tale of love. SENSUAL (Mar., 394 pp., $7.50)
Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond