The feuding Blackthornes and Creeds are back in the next installment of Joan Johnsons Texas series. Owen Blackthorne is a Texas Ranger determined to discover who murdered his best friend and stole deadly VX gas mines from the National Guard. Young Luke Creed makes a wild accusation that Owens twin brother Clay, the State Attorney General, is behind the theft.

When Luke disappears after making the accusation, Owen suspects that Luke might be involved. Only Lukes sister Bayleigh Creed has any idea where her brother might be, and she is not going to divulge the information to Owen.

The only way Bayleigh will talk is if Owen takes her along. As they begin their search, they begin to suspect that anyone from the FBI, to the Texas Rangers, to the National Guard may be involved. If they want to find the missing mines and stay alive, they had better figure it out quick.

The melodrama of the bitter hatred between these two rival families continues to form the core of this action-packed drama. Ms. Johnstons fans are sure to be pleased. (Mar., 337 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith