THE TEXAN’S CHRISTMAS (4.5) by Linda Warren: Having to talk the ex-girlfriend he abandoned for college into signing over the mineral rights to her family’s land is a challenge Cisco “Kid” Hardin is more than happy to take on — especially since he’s never been able to forget the woman in question, Lucinda “Lucky” Littlefield, or the chemistry they shared. But when he sees Lucky again after 20 years, he finds out that it’s a lot harder to get over the past than he thought, especially when he learns that Lucky was pregnant with his son when he left, and she lost the baby without his ever knowing. Warren presents a compelling and moving story about the power of second chances and human ability to forgive. Kid’s sorrow over the baby is realistic, as is Lucky’s inability to forgive him at first. The addition of a secondary plot with Lucky investigating of a ring of thieves adds extra depth to the story.
Reviewed by: 
Alexandra Kay