Image of The Texan's Diamond Bride (Silhouette Special Edition)


Image of The Texan's Diamond Bride (Silhouette Special Edition)

THE TEXAN'S DIAMOND BRIDE (3) by Teresa Hill: While scoping out an abandoned mine on Travis Foley's ranch, geologist Paige McCord is caught red-handed by the man himself. Trapped together by a sudden storm, they're forced to deal with the longstanding McCord–Foley feud -- and their instant attraction. Travis agrees to let Paige continue looking for the legendary diamond that will save her family's jewelry business -- with the understanding that the McCords will back off forever if she fails. The arrangement works, until Travis falls for Paige and finds out the hard way that she doesn't trust him. Likable characters with a real spark between them hold the reader's interest, but several obvious contrivances weaken the plot.

Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer