Thomas' latest book in the Texas Brides Series winds up with a strong, heartwarming, exciting conclusion. Ever since he first came to Nell's rescue, Texas Ranger Jacob Dalton has been her guardian angel--not that Nell would ever admit to needing him.

She's a tough hellion, until the day she's ambushed and left crippled with a bullet in her spine. Fearful that she won't be able to manage her ranches, Nell searches for a husband, and Jacob applies for the job.

Nell has always loved Jacob, but she won't let him sacrifice himself for her. On the other hand, how can she live without him? Fate steps in when outlaws, hunting for the secrets to a hidden treasure, come after Nell, and Jacob again comes to the rescue--this time with some surprising consequences.

Thomas' unofficial title as the Queen of Texas Romance is well earned. Few authors can bring the reality and romance of the wild Texas towns to life the way she can, evoking the people, (good and bad), the land (beautiful and rugged) and the thrilling yet dangerous lives people led. Portraying likable, real characters and the places they live is Thomas's true gift. SWEET (Nov., 352 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin