Dr. Adam McLain might be a Yankee, but he's a doctor and Nicole's brother doesn't care who saves her life.

Disguised as a boy, Nicole has been able to fool everyone, Rebel and Yankee alike, to fight alongside her brother and friends. Only this Yankee, her enemy, knows her secret and only he seems to arouse the woman in her with one kiss.

After the war Nicole has to see Adam again, just to make sure he wasn't a dream. She risked her life daily during the war, but facing Adam scares her. She arrives just when he needs a woman's touch, but rides out the next day wondering if they will ever meet again.

Three months later Adam and his brother, Wes, are in Fort Worth, where Adam ends up renting a house complete with a small family, a nun and Nicole.

Against her wishes, Nicole's brother sends her to Texas and a stage coach robbery sends her straight into Adam's arms, and trouble...again. Adam hides Nicole in the attic when his fianc Bergette arrives, and so she uses it to her advantage, helping people in need.

Dressed all in black, she rides for justice, getting involved in Wes' investigations and landing in danger time and again. Finally, she helps her brother Wolf out of trouble. Through it all, she and Adam find a way to vanquish their enemies, healing those who need their help and finding the love of a lifetime.

Delightful and memorable characters and a roller coaster pace help set the stage for Jodi Thomas' new series. Ms. Thomas has a handle on Texas like few authors, breathing life into the setting, era and its people. Sit back and enjoy another wonderful read from a true shining star. SENSUAL (July, 324 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin