Image of Texan's Wedding-Night Wager (Silhouette Desire)


Image of Texan's Wedding-Night Wager (Silhouette Desire)
TEXAN'S WEDDING-NIGHT WAGER (4) by Charlene Sands: Almost five years ago Cara Novak fled from her husband, Kevin, in the middle of the night and rebuilt her life in another city. Now she's coming back for the divorce that will truly set her free from the man she never stopped loving. Kevin has been trying to forget the wife who left him, but before signing the divorce papers, he wants to extract his pound of flesh. He demands Cara stay with him for a week if she wants her divorce. Cara agrees, but she knows Kevin is up to something. Hurt feelings linger as their romance begins to renew itself. Can they make a go of it the second time around? Both characters are stubborn, charming and colorful, and the supporting cast is wonderful too, breathing new life into a played-out storyline.
Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper