Once again this foursome of western writers teams up for a charming anthology. This time the stories are themed around the residents of an East Texas town who are caught in a snowstorm before Christmas. Each novella is a delight on its own and together they create little miracles that will brighten your day.

In Thomas’ “One Wish: A Christmas Story,” Sam and Maggie get their wishes fulfilled when he saves her from robbers. “Naughty or Nice?” That’s what everyone wonders about saloon owner Anna Ross, but to a greenhorn she rescues during a snowstorm, she’s an angel in Pace’s sweet tale. Broday glimpses into the heart of pampered banker’s daughter Tess, who wants to deliver “The Christmas Bell” for the holidays, but when her train gets stuck in the snow, she has to rely on a man she never got along with to get home. Out of adversity comes the surprise of falling in love with Sloan. Miranda’s hero, Randall Humphrey, wants to be left alone, but the town blacksmith gets a surprise when a widow and her children show up at his door. Sarah and her children remind him of long-ago happy holidays in “Away in the Manger.” (ZEBRA, Oct., 400 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin