Image of Texas Hold Him (Leisure Historical Romance)


Image of Texas Hold Him (Leisure Historical Romance)

Cooke pens a winning debut about a savvy riverboat cardsharp and the Southern belle determined to get in his way. It's a luscious, fast-paced adventure with appealing characters and great scenery.

Dyer Straights plays cards, beds women and hunts for a killer. He doesn't need any distractions, especially not a down-on-her-luck Southern belle who constantly needs rescuing.

Lottie Mason is being blackmailed. Destitute after the war, she needs to make money fast. When she learns about a high-rolling riverboat card tournament, she is eager to enter and win. But first she must learn to play, and Dyer is a master at cards and seduction. He tries to scare her off by demanding a night in her bed as payment. Lottie has no choice, so she agrees, but the seduction will not be one-sided if she can help it. (LEISURE, Apr., 294 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Maria Ferrer