After the Civil War, Cade Wheeler is on his way home to Texas with what's left of the Night Riders. Bent on revenge against Laveau deViere, the outfit rides to Cade's ranch. His grandfather is there as is his housekeeper, Pilar deViere, Laveau's sister.

Cade plans to keep Pilar nearby and get information about Laveau, but she's suspicious. She wants Cade to help reclaim her family's hacienda, which he does in exchange for half the land and her hand in marriage.

Pilar's love and loyalty are tested when Laveau arrives and asks her to kill Cade. She refuses, finally realizing her brother is indeed the monster Cade described. Yet she asks Cade to put aside his plan for revenge and turn Laveau over to the law. Will his love for her win over his need for vengeance?

Fraught with the unresolved turmoil of the post-Civil War era plus the clash of opposing cultures, this romance attempts to prove that love conquers all. However, this reader found the plot convoluted. Revenge motivates Cade and his men, but he easily puts it aside for Pilar, to the consternation of his comrades, and the basis for future books about the Night Riders is not established. SENSUAL (Mar., 384 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Evelyn Feiner