Shay Bannigan finds the heat and
isolation of Shafter, Texaswhere hes general manager of the Presidio Mining Companymuch less appealing than the modern conveniences and easy women of late 19th century San Francisco. Hes even less pleased when his boss hires Sheridan Kinmont, a woman, as the new company doctor.

Sheridan, who grew up not far
from Shafter in West Texas, has never considered becoming anything else;
her fathers a doctor and both her mother and grandmother are native healers. Recently divorced from a
husband who sought to force her to
give up her career, shes taken this
job to escape the negatives of city life
for a while. She cant believe shes so quickly and passionately attracted to another man who is against women practicing her profession.

Shays sister died while under
the care of a female doctor and hes determined to gather evidence to
prove Sheridans incompetence. Her respect for folk medicine and talk of psychic gifts fuel his certainty that no woman should be a doctor, even as
hes drawn to her as a woman. By the time the incriminating evidence is
gathered, Shays decided he doesnt want Sheridan to leave, but it may
be too late.

A devastatingly intense love story,
strong secondary romance, and a vibrant, detailed setting add up to
blockbuster romance. Sexy (July,
318 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Gerry Benninger