When Texas Ranger Wes Rawlins arrives in town, he learns that Sheriff Bourdreau has been murdered and that squatters have taken over his ranch. Determined to learn the truth about the sheriff's death, Wes heads for the ranch.

Schoolteacher Aurora Sinclair and her group of rag-tag orphans are living on the sheriff's land, but convince Wes that Bourdreau gave them the right and that Bourdreau's mulatto, illegitimate son is the rightful owner.

Intrigued by the situation in town and on the ranch, Wes offers to stay on and help around the homestead. He hides his badge and convinces Aurora that he is just a cowboy.

Within days, Wes realizes he desires the honey-haired, independent Aurora and that the orphans have taken to him with the innocence of their youth. All he has to do is convince Aurora of his love. But how can he keep the truth from destroying their relationship?

When the self-appointed new sheriff's prejudice explodes and a horrible tragedy occurs, Aurora and Wes must do whatever they can to save the children, the ranch and their love.

Adrienne deWolfe combines the grit and reality of the West with the warmth and tenderness of an Americana read, turning TEXAS LOVER into a romance of immense power and deep emotions. Her three-dimensional characters will warm you heart as her powerful story grips your imagination. This is one very talented writer whose star is on the rise. SENSUAL (Sept., 382 pp., $5.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin