Image of Texas Loving


Image of Texas Loving

Last but not least, this is the final -- and 13th! -- installment of Greenwood's Cowboys Series. It's another winner, complete with robust characters, strong dialogue and a fast pace that keeps readers engaged all the way to the
finish line.

Eden Maxwell is Texas born and bred. But when her mother learns she's the illegitimate daughter of an earl, they travel to London to meet the family. Her newfound grandfather pushes her toward a younger second son, but it's the older brother and heir, Edward, Lord Davenport, who captures Eden's affection. They are kindred spirits, but Edward is bound by duty to marry and save the family from ruin.

When Eden stumbles upon and reveals a family secret, she unknowingly shatters his life. But fate throws them back together when Edward seeks a new future in Texas. Now it's up to Eden to show a stubborn, prideful lord how easy it is to love a Texas woman. (Leisure, Apr., 384 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Maria Ferrer