Image of Texas Men


Image of Texas Men

Devlin's stories showcase degrees
of bondage and domination -- from experimentation with light bondage
to training by a master. Featuring toys, equipment and some two-on-one action, there are also some unusual pairings with differences in age and demeanor. Some characters are immature and their actions may trigger an occasional cringe.

When friend and occasional bedmate Cody takes the stage at a charity auction, Tara surprises everyone with the winning bid. She ties him to her bed "Bound and Determined" to see what he's been offering everyone else.

"Breezy Ridin' " finds judge's daughter Sarah double-teamed by two sheriff's deputies who are determined to get this wild child under control. Sarah learns that Joe can control her, with a little help from master Logan. Prim schoolteacher Amy is fascinated by what she sees through Logan's open window in "Night Watch." Logan slowly draws Amy closer so that he can initiate her into the games she so clearly enjoys watching. (APHRODISIA, Mar., 234 pp., $12.95)
Reviewed by: 
Joyce Morgan