Thomas, the queen of Texas Romance, does it again, creating a powerfully realistic portrait of the West, peopled with remarkable, unforgettable characters who steal your heart. Her graceful prose paints vivid pictures, and her ability to bring an intense
love story to the pages is astounding and unforgettable.

Reclusive horse breeder Tobin McMurray hopes it will be a simple task to deliver a horse to senator's daughter Liberty Mayfield and teach her to ride. Tobin's surprised to find her hiding in the barn from her ruthless fiance, Captain Buchanan.

Relying on Tobin's quiet strength and patience, Liberty conquers her fears. That's a good thing because when someone tries to murder her father, she needs to make a quick getaway with Tobin. Though he's vowed to stay away from Liberty, her vulnerability and innate kindness awaken strong feelings in him. Tobin becomes her champion, rescuing her from Buchanan, and she falls in love with him as he takes her deep into the mountains, to his grandfather's Apache people, and shows her the first real love she has ever known. (Berkley, Nov., 380 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin