Image of A Texas Ranger's Christmas


Image of A Texas Ranger's Christmas

A TEXAS RANGER’S CHRISTMAS (4.5) by Rebecca Winters: Divorced Texas Ranger Caige Dawson’s life is wrapped around his special-needs son and his work, but he’s seriously considering leaving the job to take up ranching again, so he can give the child all attention he needs … at least, until his superiors hand over a five-year-old missing person case. Going undercover brings Caige into the possible widow’s orbit, and things start to get complicated, especially as the missing man’s case dovetails with two murders. Could the bewitching Blaire Kosolov be responsible for her husband’s disappearance? A first-rate mystery, wrapped in an enchanting romance, starring a top-of-the-line father figure and woman whose broken heart needs his special brand of healing.

Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper