In order to get home to her people, Karina Valdez accepts ex-Ranger Rafe Tucker as her escort. In exchange, she must lead him to a treasure cave in the sacred Devil Mountains. She agrees, but as the famous medicine woman, Silver Eagle, she will do anything to keep her tribe's legacy a secret.

During the long journey, Karina falls in love with the ex-ranger. Torn between her promise to Rafe and her people's safety, she can't let him go into the mountains alone. While she leads him in circles, he teaches her about passion and then they part.

Danger finally attacks when Karina is accused of witchcraft and is to be burned. It is up to Rafe to save her. But will he choose the legendary gold or their love?

Ms. Harte's first book in her Texas Healing Women Trilogy is a mouthful of edu-tainment with many details of a long-lost Apache tribe. TEXAS SILVER is not a light read, though there's enough of a love story to keep us turning the pages. SENSUAL: (July, 300 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Anne Black