Image of Texas-Sized Temptation


Image of Texas-Sized Temptation

TEXAS-SIZED TEMPTATION (4) by Sara Orwig: Rancher Jake Benton comes home to find Caitlin Santerre waiting on his front porch to ask that he not bulldoze her family home. Though the Bentons and Santerres have had a bloody feud going on for years and Jake holds Caitlin’s half-brother responsible for his sister’s death, Caitlin has never been an accepted family member. When Caitlin and Jake lay eyes on each other, the sizzle begins and before they know it, they’re hip-deep in an affair that seems doomed from the start. Readers are going to love the double entendres, witty verbal fencing and the snarling emotions flaring between this Romeo/Juliet pairing.

Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper