Image of Text Appeal


Image of Text Appeal

Ryan's latest is fun and flirty, especially with sinful Las Vegas as the setting. The sexual tension between Riley and Charlie is strong and builds up quite a momentum, but doesn't explode until more than halfway through the book. While this novel is sexy and romantic, readers may struggle with why such an intelligent woman would rely on texting to maintain a serious relationship with her boyfriend; however, this concept may make sense to those who prefer to limit communication to texting and social media. Nonetheless, this novel is highly entertaining, though not entirely memorable.

Hotel casino heiress and businesswoman Riley Carter is an independent woman intent on making her way to the top without her father's financial help. With a penchant for risqué lingerie, Riley yearns for more passion in her sex life with boyfriend Charles "Chaz" Spencer, the man who also oversees her father's nightclubs. When sexy and seductive playboy and professional poker player Charlie Singleton enters her life, Riley fights her attraction to him by sending sexy text messages to boyfriend Chaz. Little does Riley know that her phone is programmed incorrectly, and her "sexts" are being sent to bad-boy Charlie instead. Riley must then decide whether she wants to uphold her good-girl image, or risk it all with Charlie. (SELF-PUBLISHED, Jun., 244 pp., $9.99)

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Sarah Eisenbraun