A fun, modern romance that demonstrates how technology can make or break a relationship. Be prepared for plenty of misread situations, numerous miscommunications and frequent attempts at matchmaking, all of which could have been easily resolved with one long conversation, something Carter and Abby don’t do often enough.

Carter has been feeling restless, on the verge of making what he feels is a long term commitment with his girlfriend while dealing with a heavy workload at his new job. He ventures onto an anonymous chat app to vent his frustrations and starts a virtual friendship. Abigail mistakenly gets a text from Carter that eventually leads to them meeting up for dinner ... only neither of them realizes that they are supposed to be meeting the other! Between texting, blogging and internet chatting things quickly get out of hand when Abby discovers the truth and doesn’t tell Carter. (CRIMSONROMANCE.COM, dl $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Anna Dougherty