Image of Thankless in Death


Image of Thankless in Death

While Lt. Eve Dallas will never be a big people person, her slow evolution to allowing friends and loved ones into her heart and life has been an important subplot of this outstanding series. An interesting twist in this book is that there is no mystery about the murderer’s identity; this story is a race against time to find and stop this vindictive killer before he strikes again.

It’s days before Thanksgiving, and Eve is stressing both about the upcoming ceremony awarding her a medal of honor and the arrival of Roarke’s Irish extended family. Then she gets the case of the Reinholds, who were brutally murdered at home. Shockingly, it quickly becomes apparent that the killer is their missing son, Jerry, who not only slew his parents but also stole their money. He has a long list of grievances against a variety of people. Now, with sufficient funds, he plans to wreak some twisted vengeance. (PUTNAM, Sep., 416 pp., $27.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith