Image of Theft of Shadows (Signet Eclipse)


Image of Theft of Shadows (Signet Eclipse)

Bellis envelops readers in the chilling atmosphere of her latest spy thriller.
She skillfully sucks you into the tangled plot, captivating you with exciting,
sensual, vibrant characters and their
fight against evil.

On the day former spy Gabriel d'Aubrigny, the Chevalier de Lesgardes, returns to England, he's embroiled in his old spymaster's plan to catch Balthazar, a ruthless madman who uses dark magic. Riding through the countryside Gabriel is accosted by a lovely "highwayman" who steals his horse and his purse.

Anne Tremaine uses her newfound wealth to set herself up as a society widow, which enables her to stalk her old enemy, Balthazar. As they cross paths time and again, not knowing they seek the same man, Gabriel and Anne court danger and ignite a simmering passion. Once Gabriel discovers his own magical powers, he and Anne form a united front, risking all for their country and their love.(Signet Eclipse, Feb., 380 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin