Image of Their Secret Child (Home To Firewood Island #1902)


Image of Their Secret Child (Home To Firewood Island #1902)
The news that Skip Dalton, her first love, is back in town has teacher Addie Malloy on edge--and that's before she learns the former NFL quarterback will be teaching at the same school! Skip and his daughter, Becky, are also Addie's new neighbors, and Becky soon befriends Addie's daughter, Michaela. Skip wants Addie back, and it's mutual, but first there's his revelation about Their Secret Child (4.5) to deal with. Mary J. Forbes begins her Home to Firewood Island trilogy with this superbly crafted story. There's plenty of conflict, but the chemistry between the characters and the timing make their reunion completely credible.
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer