Being beaten, trussed up in a sack and thrown into the Thames is bound to make a person extremely angry, to say the least. But Brady James, Earl of Singleton, has no one to blame but himself. His curiosity to find out more about the lying Miss Regina Bliss is what got him into this mess. Nevertheless, once Brady manages to escape from his almost watery grave, he is determined to find his attackers.

With the help of his friends, Brady fakes his own funeral and comes up with a plot to ferret out his murderers. Brady will need the assistance of the desirable Regina, who has admitted to being a member of a traveling theatrical group though she still keeps some of her past life secret.

With Brady posing as his own heir, the next Earl of Singleton, and Regina as his ward, the stage is set and the farce begins. But what will happen when the sexual hunger between the players changes the script?

With a veritable cast of zany characters to create madness and mayhem, Ms. Michaels extraordinary talent for writing humor makes THEN COMES MARRIAGE a love-and-laughter feast. SENSUAL (Jan., 354 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond