It was a classic case of a forced marriage of convenience. Bram Bennett sold his company to Warren Witherspoon, who then threatened to destroy the economy of the small town of Hot Springs, Calif. Obsessed with his daughter's security (Honor was the victim of a recent kidnapping), Warren gives Bram an ultimatum: temporarily marry Honor and keep her safe, or watch as the town suffers.

Bram's grief over the death of his wife has made him quite a recluse, so when the citizens of Hot Springs hear about the wedding, they are thrilled. With her never-say-die optimism, Honor tries to make the best of this temporary marriage.

Bram's efforts to keep Honor safe fall short when a local man announces that aliens will make a return visit to town. Suddenly, Hot Springs is the destination of choice. And despite Honor's efforts to prove otherwise, she still carries the emotional scars from her kidnapping.

Christie Ridgway returns readers to Hot Springs in this touching new tale. THEN COMES MARRIAGE takes a classic plot device and uses it to build a warm, poignant, yet funny story of lovers discovering themselves and each other. Truly wonderful reading! (Jan., 384 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith