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THERE NEVER WAS A TIME is a light, predictable story depicting the lives of two lovers given a second chance.

Rebecca Fraser is enchanted by the love story in the diary that belonged to her great-great-grandmother, Rachel Gallagher's journal. When Rachel meets Matthew Devereaux in New Orleans it's love at first sight. But at the outbreak of the Civil War, Matthew who is a Union sympathizer honor-bound to fight against his beloved South, must become a spy. By a tragic twist of fate, he and Rachel are cheated of a lifetime together.

Intrigued and saddened by the lovers' tale, Rebecca, who is a writer for daytime TV, has been given the job of creating a new soap and journeys to New Orleans for research. When she discovers that the Devereaux plantation is a now a bed and breakfast owned by Matthew's great-great grandson, Morgan, she eagerly reserves a room.

When Rebecca and Morgan meet, it is a reunion of old souls. Although Morgan is unaware of the bond that links them, he feels as though he has known Rebecca for eternity. It is a whirlwind courtship as they discover the joys of a love all too rare and wonderful. Will fate be kinder this time around?

(Mary, 448 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Lizabelle Cox