Against the glamorous backdrop
of St. Tropez, Adler's latest in the
Mac and Sunny series is a light,
enjoyable read, despite the murder
and mayhem that follow the couple
and their pooches. Multiple storylines and characters have this
book teetering from fast-paced
to confusing.

A rental scam involving a villa in the south of France brings together five strangers, along with Malibu's famous TV P.I., Mac Reilly, his girlfriend, Sunny Alvarez, and their warring dogs. The couple had hoped for a perfect getaway -- alone -- in France, but instead they're tracking down an international art thief while protecting a newfound friend from her Russian mobster husband and exorcising a ghost from the villa.

The five strangers, who call themselves the Misfits, have all come to France for different reasons, but each is looking for a new life, a new purpose. In getting to know each other and helping to solve the mysteries, they all find what they're looking for. (ST. MARTIN'S, Aug., 400 pp., $25.99)

Reviewed by: 
M.H. Morrison