Image of There's Wild, Then There's You (A Wild Ones Novel)


Image of There's Wild, Then There's You (A Wild Ones Novel)

Leighton’s third novel in the Wild Ones series will leave readers enthralled by the intriguing and emotional infatuation Jet and Violet share. This story is hot enough to start a forest fire, yet will keep readers cool, calm and collected as they attempt to decipher the characters’ complicated personalities. An oft-used plot of good girl meets bad boy, but with a more interesting and well-rounded story to accompany it, this one is swoon-worthy and will stir emotions one may believe long hidden.

Shy Violet Wilson can’t figure out if meeting bad-boy rocker Jet Blevins is a curse or a blessing. Jet is a wild child, and Violet is the complete opposite. But when they lock eyes, something magical happens. Jet harbors secrets he doesn’t even want to admit to himself, yet there’s something about Violet that makes him want to forget it all and just love. Violet figures if she just submits to Jet’s heavenly touch, it’ll make everything better. But that’s not the case, especially when they both have a lot of questions to answer and must decide if their relationship is worth fighting for. (BERKLEY, Jun., 304 pp., $14.00)

Reviewed by: 
Jaime A. Geraldi