Author Wendy Haleys extraordinary vampire series continues with the riveting second installment, THESE FALLEN ANGELS. Alex Danilov, the sensuous and magnetic vampire, continues to mourn the tragic loss of his beloved mortal Elizabeth, but is she truly gone?

A year has passed since the fateful night that saw the destruction of Elizabeth, Lydia Danilov, and the evil Suldris. During this time Alex has coped with his terrible loss, but not accepted it.

The forces of darkness begin to gather once again as the evil soul of Lydia Danilov returns from oblivion to wreak her vengeance on Alex. With her fiendish essence trapped within a crystal, Lydia needs a new body to be able to gain a permanent mortal shape. The new body she has chosen belongs to the unborn child of Justin Danilov.

For the past year Elizabeths body has been lying in a crypt, where, unbeknownst to Alex, she remains a revenant in the making. Lydia discovers the body and manages to awaken it and take control. While the body functions and feeds on the blood of others, the essence that made Elizabeth conscious is missing.

Alex must now fight to save not only the soul of the unborn child, but to return his beloved Elizabeth to consciousness. If Elizabeth is to survive in her new life, she must learn to live with the guilt that haunts her, for while under Lydias control, she took human lives. Can Alex triumph over the forces of total darkness once more, or will he be lost forever in oblivion?

Author Wendy Haley firmly establishes herself as a major talent with her marvelously compelling and darkly passionate tale of intense evil versus the light of love and self-sacrifice. A must-read novel. (Mar., 320 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith