Image of These Things Hidden


Image of These Things Hidden

Gudenkauf’s latest is a delicate study in the frailty of the human soul. It is gripping, deeply moving and gets right to the heart of things that matter most to each character — family, common bonds, connections to those thought lost, and ultimately the inner self. Readers will be carried on a powerful journey with excellently drawn characters whose detailed emotions know no bounds. This is a robust, provocative tale.

Four women, Allison, Brynn, Claire and Charm, must come to grips with decisions, pains, loves or truths from five years earlier and the fallout of each one as the years have unfolded. There are many unanswered questions connected to long-buried secrets that perhaps they’d like to forget, but must embrace regardless. For each, the past catches up to them, and one important person sets things in motion none of the others could have foreseen. (MIRA, Feb., 352 pp., $15.95)
Reviewed by: 
Lauren Brathwaite