Wooing a guy while covered in sheep manure isn't easy, but Emily can handle it. She has chosen to live in Scotland for a month to complete a school assignment, and she has brought her best friend along. The only problem is that Emily and her BFF (best friend forever) find themselves fighting over this scrumptious new guy.

They decide to hold a contest. Who will kiss Ruaraidh (pronounced Rory) first? The girls scheme and plot, sometimes against one another. Emily, knowing that she is the prettier and hipper of the two, feels confident she will emerge victorious. But between sunless tanner gone wrong, skinned knees and the realization of what men do wear under their kilts, Emily starts to wonder—will she win?

Although the number of bizarre events that befall Emily in this second installment of her English (and Scottish) adventures is incredible, it is still believable, and a complete blast to read. Recommended to every girl (or boy, really) who has ever suffered a mortifying situation and would like to laugh out loud about it now. (Jan., 208 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Ali Degray