Looking for some love and laughter,
a little sexy repartee and a wild ride through the Scottish heather? This is
it! Blair's signature humor is at an all-time high and she keeps you smiling
for hours with an absolutely delightful, delicious medieval romp that brings history to life.

Sir Ian MacKay is intent upon seeing the rightful king on the Scots throne. That includes uncovering any traitor who might stand in his way, especially Kate Templeton, a lissome beauty who might be an English spy.

Kate does her best to resist the roguish Ian's charms and seductive smile. She has a mission to accomplish and can't get caught by enemy. The only way Kate can really keep Ian from learning the truth is to lead him on a merry chase through Scotland. But she's unable to keep either her secret or her heart once the thief of hearts sets his mind on discovering the truth. (Zebra, Nov., 380 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin