Image of Thief of Light


Image of Thief of Light

This stand-out novel pulls readers into
a steamy romance with a fun plot. Eccentric enough in its otherworldly
setting to be enjoyed from a fantasy standpoint, on a romantic level the
chemistry between the easily likable main characters is sizzling and realistic. Rossetti paints a vivid picture that truly allows readers to escape.

Erik Thorensen has a magical gift bestowed upon him. The Voice gives him the ability to persuade and seduce innocents, specifically women. Erik is attracted to Prue, an intelligent, demure bookkeeper who is initially skeptical of his true intentions to win her over, and soon discovers she's immune to the Voice. This results in an electric and seductive flirtation, since he now has to rely on himself to obtain her.

A dark and sinister entity known as the Necromancer is after Erik's gift and will stop at nothing to steal it from him. Erik and Prue must find a way to conquer this evil enemy, which will put their love to the test. (BERKLEY, Nov., 407 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Sarah Eisenbraun