The sparks fly when two alphas join together to outwit the Greek gods. One night of fiery passion with Zarek, King of Thrace and former master thief of Greece, results in an unwanted boy child for Amazon princess Lysandra. The Amazon's patron goddess Artemis demands the newborn's death as a sacrifice, but Lysandra refuses just as Zarek swoops down on borrowed wings and takes the boy.

An insulted Artemis takes the baby and issues a challenge. Whoever succeeds at three tasks will receive the baby, the lives of their people, and one wish. The losing side gets death. How hard can it be for an Amazon warrior to steal Apollo's lyre, a thunderbolt from Zeus, and the golden chalice from Dionysus? Feisty Lysandra faces off against Zarek and wonders, did he steal her heart as well as her baby?

This was a thoroughly enjoyable romp through classic Greek myths. I always wondered how Amazons continued to be a viable tribe, and Ms. Rose answers that question in the third book of her Greek myth series. (Oct., 203 pp., $12.95)

Reviewed by: 
Kelly Rae Cooper