Victoria Pfreal has spent her life on the streetsmostly dressed as a man. She has survived by cheating, stealing, spying, and doesnt think shes unlucky.

Jacob Marin is a law-abiding general in the Kings Own guard. In spite of his reputation as a womanizer, he isnt promiscuous. Since falling tragically in love with his best friends wife, Jacob has done his level best to avoid painful romantic entanglements.

Then he meets Victoria, aka Vic Flash. In the time it takes her to pick a pocket, his little thief has captured his heart.

A fast-paced fantasy romance filled with warmth and love. Victoria and Jacob are tender, fun, passionate, and supportive. With some suspense and violence, these two never lose sight of each other, or their senses of humor. (Mar., dl $5, dk $7.50)

Reviewed by: 
Christine Chambers