Gayle Feyrer has turned her unique talents to recreating the legend of Maid Marian and Robin Hood and shedding new light on the outlaws of Sherwood Forest and the Sheriff of Nottingham.

Ever loyal to Queen Eleanor and her son Richard, The Lion Hearted, Marian travels to Nottingham to spy on the Sheriff and to make certain Prince John does not claim the store of gold and jewels meant to pay King Richard's ransom.

On the road to Nottingham, Marian is accosted by the infamous brigand, Robin Hood, and though he only steals a kiss, he seals their fate to meet again as allies and lovers.

Marian finds the Sheriff of Nottingham to be a depraved, ruthless man but knows that another handsome, brilliant and clever man, Sir Guy of Guisbourne, may be even more dangerous.

Caught between her attraction to Robin, her desire for Sir Guy of Guisbourne, her loyalty to the Queen and King Richard and her own strong will to survive, Marian becomes enmeshed in several plots surrounding Richard's ransom, Prince John's obsession with dominance, Guy's desire for power and the Sheriff's ruthless vengeance.

Using her wiles and following her head and her heart, Marian allies herself with Robin Hood and his men while playing spy and luring Sir Guy to her aid. But this is a very dangerous game she plays and, as the King returns, she is caught between an outlaw and an enemy.

With the same panache she displayed in Prince of Cups, Gayle Feyrer once more weaves a tight tale of intrigue and sensuality with masterful storytelling, drawing the reader into a darker (and perhaps more disturbing) portrait of the legendary Lady Marian. With a shining lushness and a richness inherent in her writing, Ms. Feyrer breaks new ground and wins new fans with THE THIEF'S MISTRESS. SENSUAL (Sept., 434 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin