Incredibly intense and utterly thrilling, with the added bonus of being filled with the spicy flavor of the Bayou, this is one novel you will want to devour all in one sitting!

When Pamela Bichon's accused killer gets off on a technicality, the public is outraged. Pamela Bichon had complained about Marcus Renard's behavior prior to her vicious slaughter. Despite this, the cajun detective Nick Fourcade's discovery of Pamela's ring in Marcus's house has been declared invalid due to his checkered history.

Deputy Annie Broussard is haunted by the image of Pam's mutilated body. Her conscience and sense of duty are pushed to the wall when she must stop a drunken furious Nick from assaulting Marcus. If Annie hadn't stepped in, Nick would have done real harm.

Marcus now believes that Annie is his guardian angel. And Nick, obsessed with justice and haunted by demons, begins aiding Annie's hunt for the truth. Suddenly careers are riding on the outcome of this unofficial investigation and Annie must face her new role as the bait to trap a killer!

(Apr., 478 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith