Shepherding around a bunch of ice skaters is hardly DEA Special Agent Mick Vinicor's idea of a deep undercover assignment. But someone has been selling drugs at each of the stops made by the "Follies on Ice," and whoever is the seller is also a killer, for several addicts have died shortly after using the drugs provided. The prime suspect is Silver Medalist Sasha Miller, whose former partner Lon Morrison was convicted of selling drugs years ago.

Despite Sasha's anger over Lon's behavior and betrayal, their emotional ties go way back to a bitter shared childhood. Now that Lon is due to be released from prison, Sasha feels compelled to do everything in her power to get him a job with the Follies.

Mick finds himself attracted to Sasha, and after keeping her under surveillance and searching her belongings, he begins to doubt that she is involved. His superiors however are certain of her guilt and will not listen to Mick's reservations.

Something about Mick has Sasha disturbed; while he is very good at his job, he just doesn't seem like your usual road manager. Their mutual attraction is undeniable and intense. Can Sasha keep her focus on her skating despite the pressures building off the ice? Lon's return seems destined to bring the investigation to a head. Is he up to his old tricks or is he too being set up?

Susan Andersen will delight her fans with this new example of her expertise at producing dynamic suspense tales. The sensual and emotional tension between Mick and Sasha is riveting and absorbing. (Aug., 320pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith