Tragedy has shaped Ellie Kramers life and ambitions. When her father, John Crandall, was wrongly convicted of rape and assault, the ensuing media debacle caused Ellies mother to change their names and move away from Boulder, CO. Ellie has plotted for years to uncover the truth. Now a law student, Ellie has managed to gain a job with Boulder DA Ben Torres. Using her position, Ellie is surreptitiously reviewing all the case documents on her fathers trial.

For years, Ellie has suspected that the real attacker was one of the two police officers who first arrived on the scene Michael Callas and Finn Rasmussen. Michael is now a detective, and Finn has become a successful businessman. To get to the truth, Ellie plans to get close to both men, no matter what the cost.

ON THIN ICE is a suspenseful and a somewhat disturbing story of the ends justifying the means. All of the characters are damaged and flawed, making this a gritty read. (Dec., 416 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith